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Traitor Trump & the GOP: Enemies of the People!

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After Nixon's crime of covering up his burglary of Democratic HQs at the Watergate,

and Reagan's "Iran-Contra" scandal, where he usurped the congressional right to disperse tax payer money,

and after Bush I pardoned those who were accomplices to the scandal,

and after Bush II lied us into the disastrous and on-going wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,

and after all the tax cuts for the rich by all of the aforementioned (save Nixon), and all of the record deficits, and all of the economic recessions,

and all of the assaults on the public health in the service of corporate criminals (Big Pharma, Health Insurance companies, polluters, etc.),

and after all the GOP race baiting, insane xenophobia, and other bigotries,

and after Republicans excuse NRA atrocities, no matter how many people, including children, die by madmen with assault weapons,

and as Trump and the GOP commit treason by allowing Russia to interfere in our elections, 

and as Trump and the GOP tell their biggest lie for their fossil fuel patrons that Climate Change is a "Hoax!",

you have to wonder, how can any sane, reasonable, American adult vote for these enemies of America???


And the truth is, anyone who votes for Trump or any Republican is either a fool or some other kind of mental incompetent, because Trump and the GOP will do nothing but continue to subvert our laws for the benefit of the rich, and sell out America to the highest bidders, even if they are despots like Vladimir Putin!!!! 




Traitor Trump: America's Mussolini!!!!

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GOP strategist Steve Schmidt reveals reasons Trump’s impeachment defense is ‘absurd’


"so the foundation is that the president was mightily concerned about corruption Ukraine,” Schmidt noted. “Forgetting that this is a person who ran a fake university, ran a fraudulent charity, bilked all of his contractors out of the wages they had earned and has a record of fraud that lights the night sky.”




trumps FBI Director Chris Wray breaks with White House


"The fact that Trump seems to have a solid grip on Barr and Durham, though, remains deeply worrying regardless of what happens to Barr — indicating that the Justice Department is now corrupted with exactly the improper political influence that the president claims was turned against him in 2016"

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1 minute ago, benson13 said:

(R)Steve Schmidt..."What this shows is the years of trump Lies...and the Fox 'news' SWAMP defending him"

There have been some life long Republicans, who had the decency, the honesty, and the guts to repudiate the Traitor Trump and today's Republican Party.

Schmidt, Bill Kristol, and  former congressman David Jolly, are among them.

Unfortunately most Republicans are too corrupt and/or too cowardly to put our country above their treasonous Party!!!

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3 minutes ago, benson13 said:

Image may contain: 12 people

If ever there were American "quislings" these guys are it!!! Of course we would be remiss if we didn't add Trump's WH criminal accomplices to the list like: VP Pence, AG Barr, Sec. of State Pompeo, Chief of staff Mulvaney, and Trump's own little "fixer" Rudy Giuliani.

Life in prison is too good for any of them!!!! 

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