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Rick Wiles; Prepping For The White-Trash Crusade

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Rick Wiles; Prepping For The White-Trash Crusade

December 6, 2019



"End Times broadcaster, rabid anti-Semite, and radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles kicked off his “TruNews” broadcast last night by announcing that he has begun stockpiling ammunition in response to yesterday’s announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the House would begin drafting articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.


Wiles, who recently warned that “there is going to be violence in America” if Trump is removed from office, said that Pelosi’s announcement has forced millions of Americans to start preparing for the possibility of civil war."





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4 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:



If your tribe, moves against my tribe, then...…..my tribe, will seek to play a little game..... with your tribe.


"Cowboys and Indians".


Guess who get to be the Indians?              😊…...🥃.

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1 minute ago, Squatchman said:

  Bunch of hogwash.

  What are they going to do?

  Try and figure out who non trump people are and kill them?


When they SEE how many people wear shoes, full-time.....I'd imagine a hasty-retreat would be their next move.

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39 minutes ago, Squatchman said:

  They're a bunch of low rent idiots for sure.

  The most they'll do is stamp their feet and cry.



My tribe is "armed to the teeth".

Michigan white boys?  What do they have?   

Negroes and tampons?


Heheheheheeeee……(Michigan don't believe in gun-ownership)……….


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