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Do you buy your socks & underwear from a corporation or do you knit them yourself

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4 minutes ago, king of the county said:


Why would I need underwear.. I only wear my clothes once then I throw them out and buy new ones.(ok...maybe twice)

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Just now, personreal said:

benson's boyfriend's wasteline is smaller than benson's head.  It's bound to be a little snug.  :)

His boyfriend said his ass used to be snug too, but is now pretty loose!

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In all honesty in my younger days I used to go commando... Being convinced by a hot little blonde number who was my interpreter that I was boffing when I was an MP sergeant during the Mariel boatlift. I acquiesced because I always hated briefs and I despised boxers. And then one of the greatest inventions known to man came along...the boxer briefs... And I now wear them exclusively!

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