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Saturday Night Live-trump at Disastrous NATO Summit

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NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday ridiculed President Donald Trump after he was laughed at by world leaders during a NATO Summit in London.


The skit featured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emanuel Macron as the cool kids at the NATO cafeteria, while U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempts to join their cliche.


Trump asked to sit at their table, but they suggested he sit with Latvia.



They said the seat was for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was then invited to join the cool kids table.


The skit included Johnson taping an “impeach me” sign to Trump’s back.



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I remember when SNL was funny and not a ultraliberal hack vehicle.


BTW: benson666...it is awful early in the morning to start your obsessing about Trump. 


Keep it up and you're due a heart attack before your time !


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"I remember when SNL was funny and not a ultraliberal hack vehicle"



It still is funny...and the World is still laughing at trump....even more



what ever happened to Foxagandas EXTREMELY NOT FUNNY comedy hour??...it lasted 6 weeks..(the audience was Foxaganda employees pretending to laugh)




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