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How bout our gas prices, Thanks to President Trump,

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17 minutes ago, Wallco1 said:


How bout our gas prices, Thanks to President Trump,

Obama and his crew always wanted $5 a gal gas.






U.S. Surges Past Saudis!
October 15, 2013

"The United States has overtaken Saudi Arabia to become the world's biggest oil producer as the jump in output from shale plays has led to the second biggest oil boom in history, according to leading U.S. energy consultancy PIRA.

U.S. output, which includes natural gas liquids and biofuels, has swelled 3.2 million barrels per day (bpd) since 2009, the fastest expansion in production over a four-year period since a surge in Saudi Arabia's output from 1970-1974, PIRA said in a release on Tuesday.

It was the latest milestone for the U.S. oil sector caused by the shale revolution, which has upended global oil trade. While still the largest consumer of fuel, the rise of cheap crude available to domestic refiners has turned the United States into a significant exporter of gasoline and distillate fuels."






Obama UN-Caps THE GULF!!!

October 28, 2013


"The Gulf of Mexico, stung by the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history in 2010 and then overshadowed by the onshore fracking boom, is on the verge of its biggest supply surge ever, adding to the American oil renaissance.

Over the next three years, the Gulf is poised to deliver a slug of more than 700,000 barrels per day of new crude, reversing a decline in production and potentially rivaling shale hot spots like Texas's Eagle Ford formation in terms of growth.


Rising domestic production and the start of natural gas exports may transform the economy and realign geopolitics as U.S. reliance on foreign oil declines.


The resurgence in the Gulf is occurring even though the U.S. government imposed stringent safety and environmental rules after BP Plc’s (BP.L) Macondo spill."






Costs Fall AGAIN On Cheap Gas!!
December 13, 2013

Read & weep, Teabaggers

"Wholesale prices dropped in November for the third consecutive month, pushed down by cheaper gasoline and home heating oil costs.

The Labor Department says the producer price index, which measures prices before they reach the consumer, declined 0.1% in November. This comes after decreases in October and September. Gas costs tumbled 0.7% last month after a steep drop in October. The costs for new cars also fell 0.8% in November.










< $3 GALLON!!!!!!!!!!

October 15, 2014





"The combination of sanctions and plummeting oil prices is catching up with Russia’s economy, wobbly in the best of times for its overreliance on commodity exports.

Western sanctions over Russia’s annexation of the Crimea Peninsula and its backing of rebels in eastern Ukraine have crippled Russian banks by restricting them to short-term credit. Oil and natural gas make up about 60 percent of Russia’s export earnings."


Energy costs have kept inflation low over the past 12 months. Prices have risen just 0.7% in that period."






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7 minutes ago, Ranb said:

Does Trump own the gas increases in the past also?



It's gonna take some time to find them, first......






U.S. Gas Prices Fall To

Lowest In More Than Six Years

December 20, 2015


"U.S. gasoline prices dropped by 4 cents to $2.06/gallon on average in the past two weeks to the lowest in more than six years, according to a Lundberg survey released on Sunday.


The price, for regular grade as of Friday, was the lowest since $2.05 in April 2009 as oil prices continued to slide, survey publisher Trilby Lundberg said."



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