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Ok libs, im upping the ante.


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As Golfboy pointed on his thread:

The numbers have to be making her nervous. 

She has 233 Democrats in the House. 

She needs 218 to pass impeachment bills. 

That means she needs 16 of the 31 Democrats from RED districts to fall on the sword and vote to impeach the President. 


Will there be 16 who are willing to lose their jobs?


You need 16 Dims. Ill raise the stakes of my bet. You guys sure are confident that the vote will be impeachment.  So, instead of getting all 16 ill agree to half of that. If she gets at least 8 dims from the red states i will leave the forum forever. If not, then you need to live stream your suicide for all of us to enjoy. 


Come on, any takers?

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