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Nutty Nancy has the audacity to stand in front of the American public and use the words of the founding fathers from the Declaration of Independence of all things trying to wrap herself and her obvious unconstitutional attempt to illegally remove a sitting president from office in a cloak of respectability. This new attempt to paint the president as a monarch or King instead of an elected official that was started Yesterday by that lesbian kunt Karlin will backfire come November 2020. But she really made a spectacle of herself when she try to berate a reporter for asking if she hated Trump. Her ridiculously obvious denial claiming to be a Catholic and praying for the president hasn't fooled anyone, because only a fool would believe but she has the president's best interest at heart. If it wasn't purely political hatred for the president she wouldn't have had the audacity to refer to the president as an imposter simply because he was smarter the Hillary and won the election. She's a disingenuous dried up old cun t and a POS who will soon be gone after the election.

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