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Who has allowed Russia to tear this nation apart?

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15 minutes ago, NeoConvict said:

Democrats are Russian foot soldiers in their effort to divide America, albeit most are oblivious to it.



Demcrat supporters are idiots

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You all are well schooled in how many scaled ways to deny now is eternity, use them all, please. Birds of a feather flock together same as  fish scaled by the same academic standards only follow one track narratives.


academia, politics, religions, economics educate this philosophy to sustain intellectual realities ancestrallyPicture-150.jpg...


Life sustains lifetimes by this compounding system of 8 contracting corners to 6 expanding sides of each object universally spaced apart now.




I am done believing potential is greater than kinetic.

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8 minutes ago, Giujo said:

I think you missed the point... The hate is the direct result of Putin's effort to tear this nation apart aided ...

I have hated Democrats since that piece of crap Bill Clinton became president, and every Democrat thought he was the country's anointed savior.  That's about when I started to notice how their corruption, authoritarian policies and self-righteousness actually started to affect my life. Russia and Putin have nothing to do with anything, as far as I'm concerned. 

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44 minutes ago, Giujo said:

I have watched every minute of the spectacle put on by Adam Schiff and his band of conspirators on the intelligence committee


I came away with three observations.


1. There are most definitely deep state operatives posing as career Foreign Service employees and Intelligence Community employees who oppose the presidents right to exercise his foreign policy initiatives simply because they don't like the man... a clear violation of the Constitution and the laws of the United States.


2. It is equally clear that two of these operatives, lieutenant colonel Vindman and the so-called whistleblower, conspired with Adam Schiff and members of his staff to impeach the president.


3. The Democrat legislators and the mob media have either wittingly or unwittingly assisted Putin in his efforts to divide this nation by first initiating any legal investigation of the president shortly after his inauguration and then initiating and unconstitutional impeachment inquiry.




Is good report,  11-22-19 100%

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13 minutes ago, Phoenix68 said:








We are in der charge of your silly USA foreign policy, the president that you voted into office is not.

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