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Dog person or cat person?

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I am both.  We have a dog and three cats.  Actually, whether canine or feline the personality of the individual animal makes a big difference in how the owner perceives it.  Generically, I prefer mutts to pure-breds.  They tend to be consistently healthier and smarter.  I love our little predominantly chihuahua mix, Iggy. 


Image result for chihuahua mix



The same goes for two of the cats, Peanut and Pookie. 

Image result for exotic shorthair cat


Image result for bombay cat



The third cat, Fluffy is my wife's creature.  He's strictly a one woman cat and doesn't respond to me (or anyone else but her).


I started off being a dog person but gradually came to also appreciate the virtues of cats who can be quite related.  Peanut, the little, female exotic, follows me from room to room and is extremely flirtatious, affectionate and mischievous.  Pookie, the black male, is more laid back and never gets into trouble.


All our pets are fixed, of course.  My wife volunteers at an animal rescue shelter, and that where they all come from.

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I'm a living thing person. Every living thing wants to live. Every living thing has it's version of the feeling we call love. Their's will be different than ours, but it's something, and it's there. (And yours will be different than mine ... It doesn't matter.)


I've had 4 dogs and 7 cats. I loved all of them. Whenever one dies it rips my heart.


They all had unique personalities. One cat (Doc, my first) learned how to say o-kaaay! One cat (Pawdl, my wife's first) saved my wife's life. One dog, Toby, now dead, protected everyone here, including the cats, with his massive presence.


One cat, Stanley, we got the year Tampa won the Stanley Cup. I sometimes called him Cuplet. Now dead.


Petey, also dead, was named for the cat in Heinlein's "The Door Into Summer". It makes sense if you know the novel, and know that I'm an engineer who moved from Montreal to Tampa.


Linc was named for Lincoln, since I had just become a citizen and was reading "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin.


Now we're have Purty, a cat, Artie, a dog, and newcomer Sparky, a Bichon Frisé that I'm calling Sparklehead or Sparkleface, or Sparkolloid..


In memoriam. Toby was our dog for 13 years.


He chose us, by sitting in our driveway and refusing to leave. He had escaped his previous people who kept him chained outdoors. We think he chose us because he smelled "happy dog", our dog Linc, who predeceased Toby by three years. Also predeceased are cats Doc, Pawdl, and Petey, all of whom he knew and were part of his pack.


He liked to stick his snout into flowers and smell them, on long walks; the only dog I've known to do that. He protected all of us, but especially my wife, who took superb care of him. He was a massive presence.


His remains are ashes, scattered in a butterfly garden south of Tampa.


For Toby


With Pawdl and Doc, Petey and Linc,
you're never going to be alone.
Where will they take you, do you think?
When they take you home, when they take you home.
There'll be flowers to smell and places to lie,
and no friend you love there will get old and die.
You'll run like a puppy, no blindness or pain,
and butterflies! Always butterflies!


Laughter is for minutes and sorrow is for years,
and cruelty an integral part of the system.
A tiny bit of life, punctuated by tears
shed for a dog, 'cause you miss him, you miss him.
I'm stuck here for now, until I wear out too.
Soon, soon, Toby, I'll pet you, I'll hug you.
Will you guide me to where there are flowers and friends,
and butterflies? Always butterflies!

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12 minutes ago, laripu said:

Elly May was a beautiful dog. Gorgeous ears. I'm sure she loved you.


Thanks !


She was a great dog...she crossed Rainbow Bridge at the foot of my bed.


That was the last time I cried and I didn't even cry when my father died.

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