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North Korea Publishes Satellite Image Of California At Night

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  • North Korea publishes satellite image of California at night
  • CALIFORNIA STRONG: "Five dollar a gallon gas is no big deal 'cuz there's no electricity to run the pumps anyway."
  • DEPORTATIONS ARE COMING: California Governor Gavin Newsom blames electricity blackouts on Russian kulaks, vows revenge.
  • CLIMATE STUDY: "There's no need for climate protests in China because China is already communist."
  • NBA replaces U.S. anthem with China's, encourages players to kneel.

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4 minutes ago, MidnightMax said:

These MORONS called LIBRETARDS are just WAY TOOO goddamn STUPID to "get it".

Do you think things have gone over their collective doddle heads? 


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LOL! This is how nutty the fruitcakes in Californication are...

Californians have embraced rooftop solar panels more than anyone in the U.S., but many are learning the hard way the systems won’t keep the lights on during blackouts.

That’s because most panels are designed to supply power to the grid — not directly to houses. During the heat of the day, solar systems can crank out more juice than a home can handle. Conversely, they don’t produce power at all at night.

So systems are tied into the grid, and the vast majority aren’t working this week as PG&E Corp. cuts power to much of Northern California to prevent wildfires.



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