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trump is a made man in the mafia.

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Give us a break.  


The Clinton organization is far closer to and operates more like the mob than Trump or Trump's organization ever did or does.  


Indeed, the Clintons' connections to the mob run deep and way back.


I'm talking about the Clintons *involvement* with the Arkansas Mob, which was running drugs, guns and money laundering through Arkansas during Clinton's tenure as governor.  Go read the October 18 1994 edition of the Wall Street Journal, which published a summary of a suppressed investigation into drug running through the Mena, AK, airport. The WSJ story recounted the ten year struggle of IRS investigator William Duncan to expose the Mena operation. Despite nine separate federal and state probes, nothing happened. Said Duncan ... who eventually quit in disgust: "The Mena investigations were never supposed to see the light of day.    They were interfered with and covered up, and the justice system was perverted."  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote that Arkansas was a "major point for the transshipment of drugs" during the 1980s and that by "1986 there was an epidemic of cocaine, contaminating the political establishment from top to bottom," with parties "at which cocaine would be served like hors d'oeuvres and sex was rampant." Clinton attended many of these events.  

And once he was President, Clinton continued to interfere in investigations of that mob.  He appointed Janet Reno to head the DOJ and then she, likely at his direction, refused to let independent prosecutor Dan Smaltz expand his probe into areas that might lead to exposing major drug dealing in Arkansas.  The Tampa Tribune told its readers about an ex-Mena CIA operative who backed up stories concerning the Arkansas drug/Contra trade in the 1980s. The ex-agent reported flying into Mena and Little Rock in 1983 and 1984 with larger coolers marked "medical supplies."  He said that several people quite close to then Governor Bill Clinton were there to pick them up.  And the Tribune's reporters wrote they'd seen documents that support the agents' claims. And remember Roger Clinton being caught on tape describing his own cocaine trafficking and saying of his brother, "Got to get some for my brother; he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner."  You starting to get the picture, snowflake?   

And imagine, snowflake ... the Clintons brought these people into the White House with them.   For example, Patsy Thomasson, Director of the Clinton White House Office of Administration (and who was involved in various scandals such as the coverup of Foster's murder), was a top lieutenant for convicted drug dealer Don Lasater, who was pardoned by Clinton.   And there were dozens of such people.  Like Buddy Young, Clinton's Chief of Security.  Buddy Young was one of three who beat up Gary Johnson (nearly killed him) in June of 1992, after stealing his security camera video tapes of Bill Clinton entering Gennifer Flowers' condominium (at a time when the Clintons were publicly denying the affair and indeed, lied about it during a 60 Minute interview with the *happy* couple.).   Remember, Gennifer Flowers was the woman that Arkansas State Trooper (on Clinton's bodyguard detail) said "could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose."  Flowers became the target of a terror campaign with her apartment repeatedly broken into and ransacked. This all occurred just 2 week before the DNC convention in 1992. Later, in payment, Buddy Young got a nice job at FEMA. The two others involved in the attack, Larry Patterson and Roger Perry, went public in 1993 because they didn't get high paying federal jobs as rewards.  So that's how we know about this.    Obviously, TDS, the Clintons didn't just have connections to the mob, they acted like the mob themselves. They had mobsters on their staff, employing mobster tactics.    They still do.   They were and are mobsters.

And why would that be? Perhaps because Bill Clinton grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a well known mob resort, where in the 40s and 50s there was "wide open gambling" (according to Bill's own mother), prostitution and all manner of illegal mob controlled activities.  According to one account, "the Hot Springs set up was so luxurious and safe that it became known as a place for gangsters on the lam to hole up until the heat blew over."  Indeed, Hot Springs was where Lucky Luciano was arrested.  You've heard of him, haven't you?    Owned Madden was the overseer and watched out for the New York mob's interests.  In the 60s a federal investigation concluded that Hot Springs had the largest illegal gambling operation in the US. And Bill Clinton grew up surrounded by that ... by the mob ... with a mother who was rubbing shoulders (and who knows what else) with mobsters? You think nothing rubbed off on him? 

It was only in the late 60s that Clinton left Hot Springs (to attend Georgetown University).   When he returned to Arkansas in 1974, he immediately ran for Congress.  Isn't that amazing?     Roger Morris wrote: "A relative unknown, he faces an imposing field of rivals in the Democratic primary, and beyond, in the general election, a powerful Republican incumbent. Yet as soon as he enters the race, Mr. Clinton enjoys a decisive seven-to-one advantage in campaign funds over the nearest Democratic competitor, and will spend twice as much as his well-supported GOP opponent."  Now where do you think that money came from, TDS?  I'll tell you ...

The Arkansas Mob.  Bill's campaign was funded by his Uncle Raymond and *businessman* Gabe Crawford, who Clinton biographer Roger Morris noted "presided over a backroom bookie operation that was one of Hot Springs' most lucrative criminal enterprises. [And the] inimitable Uncle Raymond - who had also played a pivotal behind-the-scenes role in keeping young Bill out of the Vietnam draft - was far more than an auto dealer. In the nationally prominent fount of vice and corruption that was Hot Springs from the 1920s to the 1980s (its barely concealed casinos generated more income than Las Vegas well into the 1960s), the uncle's Buick agency and other businesses and real estate were widely thought to be facades for illegal gambling, drug money laundering and other ventures, in which Raymond was a partner. He was a minion of the organized crime overlord who controlled the American Middle South for decades, New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello or "Mafia Kingfish" as his biographer John Davis called him."   

In short, you're concerned about Trump's supposed involvement with the mob but you and the left showed no concern where the Clintons were concerned.   A bit hypocritical, don't you think?   Truth is, the Clintons WERE THE MOB and operated just like them ... with intimidation and stonewalling ... blackmail and bribery ... and even murder.   Even the life-long Democrat who headed the impeachment of Bill Clinton, David Schippers, observed this.   He said this in his book, "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment"



Let me tell you something. They [BAC - meaning Clinton's people] were all over that woman, and it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. ... Just to let her know 'We can do what we want.' By the time we had learned what they were doing to her, the decisions on witnesses had already been made.

The truth is the Clintons made money just like mobsters.   What do you think Whitewater was all about?  The Clintons and McDougalls bought land in the Ozarks with borrowed funds.   The Clintons got 50% interest with no cash down.  More than half of the purchasers of that land would lose their property due to the sleazy form of financing that the Clintons and Mcdougall used.   How could that be ANYTHING but something illegal?   And what did Governor Clinton do in return for Whitewater?   He appointed Jim McDougal to be an economic development advisor.  How could that be ANYTHING but payback to for criminal activity and to buy his silence?  Clinton did just what any mobster would do?  And just 2 months after commencing the Whitewater deal (scam) is when Hillary turned $1000 into $100,000 dollars in *cattle futures*.  Imagine that!    Do you know that years later several economists said the odds of that was 1 in 250 million?  How could that be ANYTHING but something illegal?   

Meanwhile, during this time, Billâ's mother was hanging out at the race track with mobsters, and people like Dan Lasater.   She's the one who introduced Lasater to Roger Clinton.   The Clintons just involved with mobsters, they WERE mobsters.  Making money the way mobsters have always made it.   Why do you think Vince Foster (the Clinton's personal lawyer) was taking all those one day trips to Switzerland?   It wasn't for his own benefit, that's for sure.   Why do you think he had to die? 

The truth is that the Clintons and their henchmen testified (and still testify) under oath just like mobsters did.  With lies and obfuscations.  With intimidation of witnesses.   Do you know that White House officials, including Hillary, responded "I don't recall", "I don't remember" or something similar more than 3700 times in just TWO of the many scandals (FileGate and TravelGate) that were investigated during the 1990s. Imagine that ... 3700 times!  And yet you still believe in their *honesty*?  You want to attack Trump's as having mob connections? 


Don't Make Me Laugh!

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1 minute ago, chairmanOFTB said:



Trump is a made man in the Mafia, which new york family? :lol:


His German background qualifies him to be in the American Italian mob? I guess my white ass qualifies me to be in the Chinese Triad


I tell you these forums are entertaining




Trump is getting impeached. All that matters.

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