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Marijuana Internacional!!

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Jamaica Readies Rules For

Commercial Medical Cannabis Exports!!!

September 9, 2019


"Jamaica is engaging stakeholders over highly anticipated regulations to govern the export of commercial-scale medical cannabis, and the rules are expected to be finalized within weeks, according to Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw.


Marijuana Business Daily obtained a copy of the draft rules ahead of their release from a source who requested anonymity. The proposals are subject to change.


The rules, once implemented, will help underpin the long-term viability of the local industry, attract investment and make capital fundraising easier, industry executives say."




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Experiment With Non-Medical Marijuana Commercial Production

September 10, 2019

running-around-smiley-emoticon.gifrunning-around-smiley-emoticon.gifrunning-around-smiley-emoticon.gif  happy-dancing.gif  running-around-smiley-emoticon.gifrunning-around-smiley-emoticon.gifrunning-around-smiley-emoticon.gif


"Coffee shops in 10 Dutch municipalities will have access to a legal supply of recreational marijuana for the first time, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport announced.


In the Netherlands, sales of recreational marijuana in coffee shops has been tolerated under certain conditions, but production and supply has remained illegal.


Now, companies will be able to apply to supply coffee shops in the 10 municipalities with the first regulated recreational marijuana products, albeit within an experiment limited in scope and time."


April 10, 2009



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When The Politicans Are Still "Calling The Tune".....

Ya' Just Gotta "Dance".....

September 13, 2019

(But, Everything's [still] Temporary)


"Monthly sales of medical cannabis in Canada dropped almost 25% in June from October 2018when adult-use was legalized – according to the latest data from Health Canada.


What’s more, the number of medical marijuana shipments tracked by the federal government – viewed as a key measure of the medical sector – dropped 17% from October 2018 to 118,000 in June.


Sales of medical cannabis generally saw the biggest declines in provinces with more adult-use cannabis retail points.


This phenomenon has also been observed south of the border.


Medical marijuana programs in U.S. states faced serious headwinds after adult-use cannabis was legalized, according to a Marijuana Business Daily analysis of Colorado, Oregon and Nevada."



Is it possible the folks, at the GOP's Ministry Of Labeling, could tell us how much longer we're expected to maintain THIS Label Probationary Period....so your faith-based herd will be able to face their Good Lord with...WE TRIED!! (....at least, while they're still within the earshot of everyone-else)?

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