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Trump is controlling the Media - and the Democratic led House

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Never before has a president controlled every media outlet and much of what goes on in Congress. 

When we talk about needed Congressional Oversight - I would think we should be talking about problems confronting the American public. 

If single-payer should work - how, and what if we take away private insurance as it now exists? What about drug costs? 

These questions require a whole lot of experts gleaming true information, this requires Congressional Oversight. This requires big time news coverage. 

But no, we are discussing Trump and his daily Tweets. 

How much news feed does Trump control on a daily basis - I have to say quite a lot. It all started when he began his run for office and it's been raining all Trump

in the news ever since. On a good day, only flurries of Trump, mixed with a hail storm in the afternoon of Mitch McConnell. We need a six million dollar Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 

she needs to be rebuilt better than before - and I just hope we have the technology.


I think the Trump presidency certainly merits impeachment in many ways. Follow the money trail, and you'll find the Nixon tapes as it were. But just do it and move on. 

Stop with all the Trump this or that already. We need to move on to other topics that for too long have been sadly neglected.


No we can't be socialist. I like some of the ideas behind the UBI, but we got to first fix the pothole, we got to maintain the infrastructure. We got to decide whether or not we need more mass transit.

We got to say, hey, surely we can produce a lot of energy from the wind, but how the heck are we going to build the transmission lines from Kansas or the Dakotas to where most people live? 


Look around. A lot of great young people who are able bodied and are just starting out will need a government that works for them someday. We need to diminish this great division and 

create something good, no not perfect, but yes, really damn good. 


Let Trump walk off into the sunset. Let him write his book with the help of a ghost-writer whom he'll later sue. Who cares anyway.




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