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Almost Everything You Need To Know About Concrete

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12 hours ago, Skans said:

No, not much of a freeze-thaw issue.  Definitely want cuts for controlled cracks.  No traffic or heavy objects will be on this slab.   So, what should I be looking at price-wise, boss?




20'x40'/ 4" slab - 3K psi/ troweled/broom finish


Rough, for a local outfit, R/R?


$2,500 - Labor (4 men/5 Days)

$1,000 - Concrete (9 Yds^3 delivered) (truck accessible/ wheelbarrow)

$_ 200 - Reinforcing  (WW mesh/ 3/8" rebar/ wire) (rebar hanged)

$_ 150 - Forms (lumber/ stakes/ nails)




$100 - Jackhammer/day

$_75 - Sand/ 1" (2.5 yds^3)

$125 - Concrete Pump

$400 - 20 yd^3 low roll-off bin



$3,850 -> $4,550






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How often do concrete hoses burst?


I saw a woman almost get killed today as she walked past a job site. There was a "boom" that sounding like a bomb going off, and a plywood panel that separated the sidewalk from the worksite blew off with unbelievable force and knocked her flat.


I was the first person to rush to her aid. She was flattened. Lucky for her the job site was at a local hospital (right in front of the ER).


Turned out the hose they we using using to pour concrete blew out. A worker said it wasn't that uncommon. Scary.



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