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Stats on gun violece and the truths, democrats etc. want you to believe.

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Lets face it, the liberals and democrats are notorious when it comes to pushing their anti American/constitution agenda on the public with the help of liberal News Networks, we know who they are.   A favorite tactic of theirs is twisting, distorting, censoring the facts, selective reporting and out right lying about the truths and the real statistics.  Many on this site, pro leftwingers do likewise and few are not aware of it.  So, lets look at some real gun violence statistics by  a research professor "Lott", at the University of Chicago, of all places, who is a noted expert on gun laws and statistics.  I have no desire to spend a lot of time on this blog so I, as usual will highlight the major points,  you can do the leg work for more detail, I am sure you liberals will do so in an attempt to twist the truth again and deny the real facts.

 Ok, supposedly there are 30, 000 gun related deaths in the U.S. each year.  Considering our population of nearly 325 million of June 2016,  percentage wise, very insignificant , about 0.00925% even if the liberals/democrats got away with conning the public that all were actually gun violence as they lie to us about and push their anti gun/anti NRA anti gun owner anti second amendment agenda with the help of the liberal news media.  So, what is the truth about that STATISTIC?

Eliminate, death by suicide, kills by law enforcement, criminal activity such as gang activity, drug related that can directly be contributed to liberal/democrats pushing use of drugs, opioid epidemic thanks to liberals/democrats and accidental deaths that leaves only 5100 of the 30,000. Pretty insignificant more so considering our nation is a nation of people free to make choices and have many they can choose from, unlike many other countries especially the socialist/communist countries like the one in South America, (Venezu) the liberals and democrats what to make  America like.  Socialist countries with far greater crime, gun violence, death and corruption, again what the liberals/democrats want to do here. More gun laws here would not change those facts or gun crimes.

A few more facts liberals/democrat like to hide, places that they are from and have messed up and want to do to the rest of the country, especially the socialist/communist politicians from those places.

Four hundred homicides, Chicago, 344 Baltimore (lots of gov't employees, lots of federal agencies there) 333 Detroit, 119 Washington D.C. that's about twenty five percent of the 5,100 true gun violence total.  Four cities in the U.S. have most of the crime, and they have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and they have created an atmosphere of hate and crime.   Leaves about 3800 for the rest of the nation, 75 deaths per state per year but since some states have more killings than others it isn't equal across the nation.  California has about 1,170 while Alabama had 1(one).  California has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, Alabama believe is the second amendment. 

The politicians and the states they control, liberal democrats, have the greatest gun control, anti second amendments like California, west coast states, east coast states etc., These states refuse to admit it isn't lack of gun laws creating, or even the guns, it's the crime rate they created with their leftwing liberal laws and anti constitution laws and the pushing of illegal crossing our borders mentality.

Democrats and liberals need to look at real issues to address, like illegal immigration that is causing the waste of over 200 billion dollars each year in this country, and the liberals/democrats are now crying about the nearly trillion dollar deficit we now face, 20 percent is from the illegals they are encouraging to cross our borders and preventing Trump from easily addressing, a cheap wall.  Lets not forget the extreme liberal give away programs contribution to the big deficit we are facing, eliminate those first.

What exceeds the 5100 gun deaths in this country each year?

40,000 die of drug overdose, thanks to liberals and democrats and their pro-drug agenda.

36,000 die of the flu

34,000 traffic fatalities

200,000 from medical errors

710,000 heart disease

Yet do we want to change the constitution and destroy our country to even address any of these.   People have the right to decide their own life style without interference, however, a liberal, socialist/communist will tell you they have the right and power, they know better than you, to force you to do as they demand and pass any law they see fit. Even you loser liberals should be upset with that idea, now it's guns, next it's you.




















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