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How credible are Warren and Sanders

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How credible are the Big Wall Street bankers is a better question.

Who makes the economy run? 

Who controls the legislative body?

Really, who is responsible for the greatest recession to hit the world 

in the last hundred years?

As they say, follow the money.

So they say people are tired of the same old bull.

Both sides, the democrats and the repulicans.

Big government or lack therein.

Or possibly neither.

Or possibly both.


AND anyway, for what ever it is worth

this fried of mine who I'll call Josh,


told me all about all the money he made.

We were smoking weed and snorting cocaine

and this was back in 1987, 

and I mean we were both wrecked

and on his fishing boat.


We were just off the coast of 

what they call the Yucatan Peninsula

that separates the Carribbean Sea

from the gulf of Mexico, 

and Josh says, to me,

economics is so unsure

of real time these days.

What happens over several 

years to most folks can seem

like an instance to the money 

makers on wall street.


It's almost like they put a turkey

in the oven, and in less than a couple

of minutes it becomes well done,

almost burnt.


And before you know it the kitchen is

filled with smoke.








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