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Our Indivisible and Resistance Movements Will Follow Hong Kong's Shining Example

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Indivisible Nation and Resistance Movement in America took the Mid-Term Elections by storm.

The Movement has only grown stronger, as each Trump atrocity stuns and nauseates the American Majority.

Between now and November 2020, The Resistance will amass across America in multiple forms.

All of our 1st Amendment-ensured protests will be peaceful, unless Law Enforcement is foolish enough to be caught on tape tear-gassing or brutalizing or beating women and children.

Or if the Conservative Protestant RIGHT's violence-driven murderous rabble of White Nationalist / Identity Evropa / American NAZI Party / Ku Klux Klan haters get loud and lippy and have to be disciplined.

And though it will take a few years or a decade......Heather Heyer's murder and legacy will be the ultimate dismemberment of the ALT-Right and everything they stand for.


>> There certainly WILL be a second momentous, huge Woman's March next spring, even larger than the first, as millions of angry American women take to our streets to denounce Trump's separation of children from parents.

American women voters will certainly decide the Senate races and the 2020 Election, and right now, Trump is at 25 point disadvantage with the female U.S. Electorate.

The 2020 Elections will be the Year of The Angry Woman.

They will be taking scalps.

They will fight back.

For Trump's disrespect and mistreatment of our American female legislators. 

And for the sudden, suspicious loss of any substantive Justice being delivered to Epstein's child-rape victims.

And for the DOJ and Barr's patent refusal to hold ANY of Epstein's innumerable rich Black Book male clients up to scrutiny and investigation for participating in the rape of underage girls.

And for the mass-murder of Hispanic-Americans and their children by a madman spouting Trump's anti-Hispanic campaign hatred. 

And for the mass-shooting evisceration of a Bounce House full of kids in Gilroy, by a shooter spouting the ALT-Right's hate-rhetoric about "dirty mestizos" and "invading" Central Americans.

And for the new hunger of all the American children Trump has taken off the Free Lunch Public School program.

And for the sickening reality that our own children now MUST be constantly shielded and protected from the daily Trump Twitter raging, his venom-spewing Rally Speeches, and the mere sight of an out-of-control, lost and raging man who is wholly-unfit as a role model for our American kids.

And for the everyday damage and pain Trump Base White kids in our Public Elementary and Junior High and High Schools are causing to our communities, as these hatred-schooled Trump kids are screaming their bigoted, hateful slander at their own fellow minority classmates. 


>> There certainly WILL be a sophisticated Flash-Mob Resistance disruption plan deployed to MULTIPLE U.S. International airports, carefully staged to impact a few critical hours of International Travel, at random locations.

There WILL be Nationwide boycotts of Trump and the RNC's Corporate Donors and any Corporation that sponsors Trump's Hate Rallies.

There will be stoppages of major freeways and Teacher Labor Strikes.

There will be continued swarming Antifa beat-downs of any NAZI or NAZI Hate Group that dares to invade or defile or stain our peaceful American towns and communities. 

There will be NAZI blood spilled, broken noses, fat lips, and bruises.

From Maine to California, from Texas to North Dakota, to Alaska and to Hawaii and Puerto Rico and Guam, we will inflict the maximum pain we can upon anyone demonstrating traitorous loyalties to the 3rd Reich, the swastika, or the Slave State Confederacy.

No quarter will be given. 

Yes, there will be arrests, followed by uncharged releases. 

There may be the deaths of innocent Americans, if any Trump NAZI is allowed to once again, murder and mow-down an innocent Americans.


We never left, America.

We will continue to defend America and our best dreams and ideals.

We will defend our Courts and Institutions and Intelligence Community and FBI and our secular democratic Republic, and our sacrosanct State and National Elections.

It falls now to us. We are ready.

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The US treats Hong Kong as a separate nation from the PRC. Hong Kong citizens with Hong Kong passports are accepted without any visa for entry into the US. There are a number of special trade provisions between the US and Hong Kong.

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