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Which Party Dropped the A-Bomb...Twice on Innocent Citizens

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57 minutes ago, JeanMoulin said:

 Those agencies are paid for with local taxpayers money and local bonds. If they were socialist the central government would own them. My agencies are owned and operated by either my city or county, not the federal government. They do get some funding from them for special programs, but that's about all. Now if you get into our military, FBI ,CIA, and all the other federal agencies, you may be getting close to socialism, but we could never afford to pay for those agencies on a local level. It would take a hell of a bake sale. 


Socialism refers to government ownership of the means of production  and distribution.


The military and Federal agencies are not means of production. Nor are schools, police departments, or fire departments.


Socialists are actively attempting to confuse the issue.


By their false reasoning, every government that ever existed is "socialist." It is silly.





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