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Another reason to Dump Trump is of course Racism

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A bigger divide -

Seems like those who support Trump feel as though he really isn't racist as the News Media seems to suggest. His latest tweet battle against Elijah Cummings seems racist enough. When just the other day Cummings had his home burglarized, Trump tweeted, "too bad". 

Trumps father and the young Trump himself were taken to court for letting their rental properties turn into run down, rat invested places to live after black Americans started to move in. And then there's the fact that his son in law's family also owns run down apartment buildings in Baltimore - oh, what a surprise.




But this isn't new with Trump. For a long time Republicans have fought back regarding the overuse of what they call the race card. Many white Republicans feel as though they themselves have been victimized by racist slant. 


Is it a wonder we have problems regarding racism in this country? No.

Are all or most Republican's or people who vote mostly for Republican's racist - No.

Are many of them, Yes.


It comes down to ignorance and it also comes down to Republican tactics.

Trump is over the top regarding racist tactics that sow division, so let's be clear about that!




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