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On 8/11/2019 at 5:16 AM, Renegade said:


No, the work isn't done.  There is much more for your daughter's generation to accomplish!

There is a whole lot more left for my and your children to accomplish. The big schools aren't that special in undergraduate education, I think that is a fallacy, or at least it should be.

If the best schools were great, that would mean a lot of the folks who went to them would find a way to teach those who don't have the money to go to college.


You are talking about the clean air act which started out as an act against air pollution with Dwight D Eisenhower 1955. The Act against air pollution.  https://environmentallaw.uslegal.com/federal-laws/clean-air-act/

The Clean Air Act of 1955, and then the Clean Act of 1963. Well it took root in 1970 under the presidency of Richard M. Nixon. Then came the amendment in 1990 by George Herbert Walker Bush. 

Clean air is essential and the EPA was given the power to fight against air pollution. And it's true, we have all benefited. To comply with the Clean Air Act, starting in 1975, all US automobiles had to be equipped with a Catalytic converter. 

1990 brought to bear the disposition of acid rain, etc...


When I said First Class Institutions - what does that mean? We need to teach young people the skills that they need to create a better world. 

Make - or as Aristotle said, do something good - through learned education. 

Well that institution afforded me to Make, the idea of allowing a young person the ability to learn throughout their life - like a toolbox of fundamental tools / all the while learning from our shared past history.


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A degree of Certainty, 

what exactly does that mean, and what exactly does that entail?

Well it depends a lot on what you are measuring. When some people talk about education, and at the highest levels, you do need to discuss the mentoring of the best minds while also discussing all peoples existence and hardship. You need to discuss racism, what it is, and whether or not racism is an act, or just an accusation or a label.

You need to discuss inequality, and how it happens. You need to discuss the gravity of nation states, and the mistreatment of any inhumane action perpetrated by the past, present or future

nation states. And certainly this is not something that can be addressed by any war.


Accuracy is highly important if you want to send a spaceship to Jupiter. Juno achieved this mission. And it took an immense amount of accuracy to do so. 

Most folks don't even know. And that is a crucial failure in a lot of ways.

Some say we need a Kennedy type program to tackle climate change. Yes we do, a thousand times over. The question is this, are we, the US and the rest of the world capable of

performing such a feat.


That is a good question. Exactly what will it take?


We are dealing with economics, technology, politics, structural political economic constraints, and also, we are dealing with an uncertainty. 

What will happen if we undertake such huge economic structural changes, and what is the degree of certainty that will transpire if we do not?


Now, we see this global Nationalism take root. Sweden which has always been decidedly liberal has an 18 % voter population that has voted towards the right and Nationalism due to the fact that they have taken in more than their fair share of immigrants from Northern Africa and Syria. 

Putin has pushed Europe towards Nationalism, and even in Russia, he has utilized a large degree of countless strategies to divide his own people. 


Actually, there are a lot of really smart people in this world who never had a chance to utilize their talent. And then, there are a lot more who are a lot smarter than this world today could

ever even anticipate. But that's not something new. I'm certain of this.







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