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A National Forum on Climate Change

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Use your power to educate the population Dearest Democrat Party. Do it while you can!

You could easily have a debate solely on one topic, Climate Change, and what we need to do about it.

Don't just bicker amongst yourselves. Rather, have someone like Dan Rather before hand illustrate with a detailed documentary some scientific fact.

And then have your debate about what you would do. 


We need to do a lot. Convince folks if you think so. What is your plan. How much will it cost. Is it viable, and if it is, what will it take to get it done?


Hi Mitch, you watching this, you could say, to be cute. But don't go too far criticizing old Mitch, because apparently he already has done all he could do...





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why yes, a national forum on climate change. For a change. 

At least that would be something vastly different.

Seeing how things, have changed, slowly at first, 

at least, over time seeing how things seem to have changed just a bit.

And you're just trying to catch a cup of coffee, on your way to a high pressure zone.

Tom Waits has a raspy voice, this one's dear to my heart.


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