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A different, and more alive brown bread thread.

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Brown rye bread, especially when it gets stale, is the perfect flavoring agent to make kvass.

It's a very low-alcohol fermented and carbonated beverage that comes from Russia and the countries near it. IT bears some resemblance to British ales before hops were introduced.


In Russia it was for sale on street corners and even kids drank it. (Because the alcohol content was no more than around 1%.)

Today there are commercial versions that are like soft drinks, too sweet and boring. The best kvass should be made at home.


This makes 3 gallons of kvass at 2% alc/vol, approximately.

Water, 3.5 gallons
Crystal Malt 60°L, 1 pound, crushed
Dark rye bread, 10 slices, toasted dark
Raisins, 0.1 lb = 46 g 
Honey, 1 pound
Lalvin K1-v1116 yeast, 1 packet
Stevia, 2 grams 
1. Steep crystal malt, 150°F, one hour. (Use a clean cotton grain bag that you've rinsed and boiled to remove detergent.)
2. Remove the malt.
3. Add honey, bring to a light boil.
4. Add slices of bread, ensure they're all soaked
5. Turn off the heat, leave the pot covered for 15 minutes.
6. Remove the bread. (You can use it for bread pudding). A sieve is handy for this.

7. Force cool (put the pot in the sink with cold water around it, maybe change the water a few times). Final temperature should be between 68°F and 74°F.
8. Pour into 5 gallon carboy. (Extra volume is for headspace.)
9. Microwave raisins (lightly!) in water. Don't allow them to boil.
10. Add raisins and raisin water to carboy.
11. Rehydrate yeast according to instructions on packet and add to carboy.
12. Ferment to dryness.
13. Siphon to 3 gallon carboy, leaving sediment behind, to allow it to settle for a week to 10 days.
14. Bottle (leaving more sediment behind)with stevia & 20g priming sugar, in sanitized pressure resistant bottles. (Grolsch type bottles are great for this.) After 1 week at room temperature, they should be carbonated. Refrigerate and drink.


You can also add flavorings like small amounts of fruit.


In Russian, B is a v and C is an s so that says kvas on the tank.  In English we write it as kvass. 



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