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I like John. He is my friend.

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I feel certain that there is a holistic feeling you get from writing, 
and that is why people write stories, stories that are parts
of life, augmented with fiction, so that real names of real 
people are not misused, and because of legalities. 
I once had a friend, I will call him John. 
John was a poet, and more than that, he was a magician 
regarding story telling. I always knew my friend John
would someday win a Noble Prize for literature, along
with a Pulitzer, the National Medal for Fiction, as well 
as the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.
I just did.

John would say, I just did, write about history
as if I was an older person telling a story
that was important, that the older person
was an eye witness to reveal onto the youth
so that history could mean something true,
to me, someday, somehow.

I just felt purpose in writing. Prose just fell 
into place. And stories surrounded me,
they would fall out of nowhere into my
thoughts, and I would start to write, 
like I did.

I had a story in me I believed, probably,
someday I thought, John would say.

I kind of know how hard it is to struggle
and what it is like to be a disregarded saint
that no one would ever take much notice 
over, never ever care too deeply about.

But they made the difference to others, 
all their hard work, sometimes it made 
them, those other characters reach way beyond
their own capabilities, so much so that 
they breathed character, to make some good,
as Aristotle foretold
back in the days of old

John was a storied philosopher kind of 
writer, a historian, who understood how 
holistic it can become, just to write.

And John was my friend.

He died of congestive heart failure at the age of 64.
John was not considered to be a red, by the US government, 
but always during his life he sided with the left, 
and because of this, his taxes were audited, just in case,
of the fear of communism back then.

And tell me why, people are.
Tell me about, The Pearl,

I wish I could write like that guy,
when you see something firsthand,
automatically your words become fluid

and it becomes easy to describe 
holistically the works of people that you see
because then you can make some good.

And then maybe you hope, 

you can write stories like John did.


fiction based on fact. stories that live on.


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On 7/8/2019 at 3:14 PM, laripu said:

Must be Steinbeck.


Because the other "The Pearl" didn't win any prizes.

yes indeed, John Steinbeck. 

Just cause you want something more than Capitalism doesn't mean you are a socialist or a communist. 


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