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Socialism, it's birth, hard death, and now, rebirth

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So we all know Americans are greatly divided these days. And with the influx of new Democrats in the house, and of course Bernie Sanders youth following, the divide has only gotten worse. 

So anyway, a lot of folks suggest that there is a link to Socialism and to Stalin, and to other fascist dictators such as Benito Mussolini, and yes, even Hitler as well as others, and we all know how 

that ended.


But of course that is not to say that in reality we have a Socialist movement going on in the House, all orchestrated by the young  Liberals and progressives, or even by Bernie Sanders - their leader of sorts.


Extremely short take of socialism's past:

Back in the old days, around the turn of the twentieth century, times were tough in Europe. Chaos was rampant and so too were stereotypical views of groups of people who just didn't fit. It was easy for a dictator to take control, because most people were suffering, it was a giant turning point in history. And meanwhile, those times were tough in the US too. The great depression in the United States influenced FDR's New Deal program which was based on Keynesian economics, named for the great British economist John Maynard Keynes.



The New Green Deal, as it were, to my own mind at least, does call for a lot of Federal spending, and it also calls for some big changes in our economic system, but it is not, as clearly defined by say,

Karl Marx, as it also calls for private industry and free markets. 


When the automobile first came to be only rich folks could own a car, but the roads to drive those automobiles on were hard to come by. At first, rich private corporations designed plans for roads, but 

soon discovered, due to market circumstance, they needed big time help from State governments. To my mind, this is part of the big story of American Ingenuity, which was never perfect, but it did accomplish a lot. It was a joint effort of states and the Federal Government working together that created what we know call the highway system, the transportation infrastructure if you will. 

* actually, we could have gotten more out of public transportation like a lot of other developed nations were highly successful at accomplishing, but that's a different story. 


And this is a different story, and rather than describing the true challenges of the twenty first century, and the vital need to deal with climate change, we do as a nation need to invest a great deal

in finding a way to ween ourselves off of fossil fuel. We do need to rebuild our entire infrastructure, and while doing this we also need to understand the needs of the poor. 


We have a huge problem with healthcare, where too many people have none, and the cost is skyrocketing. 

We have public school slums all over the country, and this creates problems for all Americans, and building more private prisons is no answer. 


What about jobs, well, there is much to do. We people to perform jobs, even with the great advancement of intelligent machines. Check the productivity numbers, that's a big part of what you need to look at to discover the truth. We need skilled trades, we need hospital workers, we need engineers, etc... 


A lot of stuff grew out of the housing bubble that popped in 2007/8. Just a decade ago the Financial Houses in the US were facing dire straits and they were bailed out by the US tax payer (TARP). Nobody went to jail for selling junk, Standard and Poor's Index, had nothing do with ratings (or it was never really discussed much), and the Great Recession caused a lot of Economist to think that we have a systemic problem with our economy, regarding demand, and most certainly our banking system. Thus, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform act was instituted in 2010.


There were of course stimulus bills provided by the Obama administration and Congress. But they were not large enough, and the recovery was slow.


But the fact is that nothing's really changed much, and the same thing could happen again. The Republicans fought against bigger stimulus packages, and they fought hard against Dodd-Frank, and Trump even dismantled the Consumer Financial Protection Act, scripted largely with the help of Elizabeth Warren.


So it's all about going to Socialism is a misnomer that has been lobbed at the progressives, even by the so-called liberal minded press. The Washington Post, the NY Times, etc...


Look, I like a lot of things about capitalism. I like the wild incentive it gives to people to create new things. I'm an artistic, some would say foolish cad, who likes the corner vegetarian cafe that serves up the most creative crepes you ever tasted. It's a cool layout, a fun place to eat, where you can watch them make the crepe - it is, a wonderful skill.


No it's not socialism. But it has some socialistic constructs. No, it's not linked to fascism either. I believe it is the absolute opposite. 



But the problem is, that's only what I think, and possibly what a lot of other people who contribute to this board believe. 


So we all know, it is a huge problem, dealing with this divide. We don't want to get all crazy regulation-like / a phrase that someone like Biden might use, and still we do not want to erase all the good

work that comrade Bernie Sanders, and his little sister Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has done neither. Live long Ruth Bader Ginsburg, remember Thurgood Marshall, remember John Maynard Keynes, 

and others, like Karl Marx, and Adam Smith too.


Anyway, this was designed really to be a discussion about how to deal with human made climate change. But it is easy to see how it has inroads into a lot of other issues.
















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