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License to own a gun?

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2 hours ago, sole result said:

legal and illegal aren't the same either.  Why do the law abiding/civil natured people pay for criminal activity one way or another?. Fighting crime shouldn't inconvience the honest people.


this whole isuue is just a means to make work funded by taxation to support those not taking care of themselves in a civil social responsible way.


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7 hours ago, Redoctober said:


here we are between separation of actual life and governing human nature of the lifetimes added to the moment. You operate by opinion, I navigate life as if time were stationary and it is immovable beyond hypothetical speculation the rotating planet is the time things remain constantly changing in the same instant the rest of the universe never stays the same details as before arriving so far.


Most are trained to rationize motion to follow grammatic use of vocabulary and talking point fixation generally expanding around what if time were fluid and details exist beyond filtering apart now. That proverbial think outside the box stupidity most characters worship as if their reality only survives because of it. It does..

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On 6/29/2019 at 2:26 AM, Squatchman said:

  I aim to please.

 How about you must be 21 to purchase a gun or ammo.

Renew the license every year.

D.N.A. collected and put into a national database when purchasing a gun.

Background check including social media posts.




I aim to please. Already gave an arsenal, so too late on any of that; they’ve already been purchased, making them my property. How does that grab ya?

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