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What convinced Trump voters are thinking.

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1 hour ago, laripu said:

Know your enemy.  This article spells out what Trump voters are thinking.  It lets us know that we need a viable Presidential candidate.




Yes, I know my enemy, and Mr. Bardmesser is one of them. I have no desire to accommodate his right-wing, Trump-loving viewpoints.

This article is chock full of contradictions, smears, hyperbole, and hypocritical lunacy.


Very typical of the Federalist rag of a news outlet.

I remember this article in the Federalist, about a year ago that actually advocated violence:



"Close your eyes and imagine holding someone’s scalp in your hands. I don’t mean cradling his skull as you thousand-yard-stare at his lifeless face. I mean a real scalp, Indian-style, of some enemy you just killed on the battlefield; somebody you hated and who hated you back.

You killed him, won the day, carved off the top of his skull, and now you’re standing over him victorious on the now-quiet field of battle, with a quiet breeze blowing through your hair. Your adrenaline is still pumping with that primal feeling of victory and the elation of having survived when others didn’t.

They are not political opponents in the sense that you have a debate with them. These modern-day leftists want you to lose your job. They want to destroy you. How do you think they’re going to treat you when they finally sit in the seat of power for good? So fight them tooth and nail. Make them long for the day when you’re no longer fighting them.

So, back to scalping thing. When you make that long trek to the reservation the leftists have set up for you—and make that trek you will—what memories do you want to take with you? When living in the liberal utopian nightmare of 57 genders and government control over everything in your life, you will want to have been a Lakota. You’ll want to know, to remember, even just cherish the knowledge that, one day, you rode out onto the plains and made them feel pain."

<end snip>


Luckily,  Mr. Bardmesser can only vote once, (as far as I know).

His opinion, and any opinion published in the Federalist is worth less than zero when deciding who the Democratic Candidate should be, or how anyone should vote.

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I have to agree with the previous poster. Bardmesser delivered hyperbole and a bizarre offer to wash cars In the nude.  He gave us very little else.


Most telling is his willingness to trivialize Trump’s transgressions while treating every unproven allegation against a Democrat as disqualifying. 


Nothing was said about policy.


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Bardmesser is just another Trump apologist.  He lists every one of Trump's transgressions and gleefully dismisses every one of them.  Of all the impeachable offenses involving The Sleazy One, violation of the Emoluments Clause is the most glaringly obvious and easily provable.  So naturally, Bardmesser reserves special scorn for that one.   Were Trump to turn his vile boast into reality and shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, Bardmesser would see no evil. 


In the rare instances when the article offers any rationale at all in its attempts to slam various Democrats, only made-up criticisms are cited.  The author's assertions contain plenty of bombast but no substance.


I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the majority of trump supporters are not nearly as frenzied as the author of this article;  Or as fanatical as most of the Right Wing trolls on NHB.  It would be self-defeating for Democrats to vote for anyone less than their favorite candidate, irrespective of far Right Wing attitudes.

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5 hours ago, bludog said:

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing the majority of trump supporters are not nearly as frenzied as the author of this article;  Or as fanatical as most of the Right Wing trolls on NHB.  It would be self-defeating for Democrats to vote for anyone less than their favorite candidate, irrespective of far Right Wing attitudes.


I think that 35% of the U.S. public are just that deplorable. (Thanks, Hillary, for the word.)


What I posted this for is not to convince you that you should vote one way or another. It's to advocate how to talk to the wavering group of Trump voters that already doesn't like many of the things Trump does and says:


Tell them that he's incompetent:


- He failed in the casino business.

- He was against illegal immigrants, then loudly promised a wall that made people rush to get in before the wall was to be built - causing the emergency he claimed he didn't want.

- He alienated important allies, who he now needs against Iran.

- He cuddled up to the worst dictator in the world and got nothing out of it.

- He pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, allowing China to dominate.

- At every step, he made America weaker and less respected in the world.

- Maybe you don't care if he has affairs with prostitutes or strippers, but he should at least be competent at hiding them ...and he isn't.

- His record of hiring is terrible, given the turnover. He not only doesn't hire the best people, he hires stupid and corrupt people. Incompetent.


Even if you like what he wants to do, he's terrible at it. You might convince some small number of wavering Trump voters to vote for Bill Weld in the primary (which weakens Trump) or to stay home in election day.

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Good post.   ^   ^   ^     Thanks for the clarification and the accurate list.  Winning over voters "on the fence" is crucial.


This war rages in NHB, every day, usually with neither side giving an inch.  Of course precious few Trump supporters in NHB could be remotely described as "wavering".   Like Bardmesser, most are driven by innate authoritarianism and a desire to achieve order by force.  They usually have a diminished moral compass and respect a bully and a despot.

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Great post!

There are a lot people of a very well to do class, who think it is just okay to let things go on as they have.

It is irresponsible, but it is true. It's been that way a long long time now. 

I'm in the middle class, lucky me. I have worked with people who feel they have had to struggle getting into the best colleges because of Affirmative Action Policy. 

They think differently than I do about a lot of things. They wish to climb the ladder up to the top, that means a lot to them, even though they were privileged at the very start.

So you don't have kids, so why should you pay taxes for public school when it doesn't concern you, I mean really, that's how they think.

I'm sorry for folks like that. I am truly sorry for Donald Trump Jr, and the way he thinks. I find him pitiful. 

My progressive friends scoff, how could you, he's a creep. 

He is a byproduct of a pitiful nature of thought, in many ways, I believe - no excuse, yet I find it pitiful.

Yeah, he's a top level jerk. Filled with lies. Never to be fully understood\ there is no way to understand what they think.


Kind of like Bernie Madoff, or Paul Manafort, or the stable of folks who become lawyers and enlist in the Federalist Society.


I mean they suck, they do. 


Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Tobin, and Quee, and the prep schools, they all came from. 

Go vote for Trump. You pieces of / today, this very moment, 

let us all never forget!!! How promising they are not, collectively!










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