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Iran’s ‘proof’ U.S. drone was in its airspace exposed as fraudulent

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(NationalSentinel) Evidence Iran has offered to ‘prove’ that an American RQ-4 Global Hawk drone was in its airspace when it was shot down this week is completely fraudulent.

In particular, a photo Iran has published supposedly showing the drone tumbling from the sky in flames to indicate where it was when it was targeted destroys any remaining credibility the Islamic republic had.

The state-run Islamic Republican News Agency published a photo of what the outlet claimed was the RQ-4 tumbling from the sky:



However, as The U.K. Sun report ( https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9337518/us-slams-irans-unprovoked-attack-on-spy-drone-as-it-doubles-down-on-claim-aircraft-was-shot-down-in-international-airspace/ ), that same photo was used in a 2017 news report ( https://yemenat.net/2017/10/304994/ ) about a U.S. drone in the skies over Yemen.



What's that you were saying Fit2Serve?

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Well, this is not the first time. US always wants to have the information about everything what is going on in this world, and this is understandable because our country is the most powerful economy in the world. I wonder what kind of drone did the use, maybe if they used a simple model no one would even know that is was from US. If you wanna know how the drone detection radar works, check this article on mydronehq.com, this most likely the way how they did detect the drone and took it down.

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