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IT is True

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oh, it just is, 

while you fetter your days wasted apart,

they hear from you in video,

all the great works of art, or not so great,

rerun shows, as if they were transmitted deep into 

space, a billion light years away, 

but it is only a few short thousand miles away.

They watch old Seinfeld episodes in North Korea,

in war torn places, like Syria, like Sudan,

like in the West Side of Chicago,


George is never satisfied with what he has got,

he will never get a girl, or if he does, he won't be satisfied

even if she is beautiful, even if, he George can maintain,

a real job and find a way to make amends with who he is.


It's true, the world is a messed up place. 

It's true, people in Beirut, or on the West Bank,

or in Calcutta,

see these sitcoms and think like you do, or they 

wish they could.


You know it, you feel it.

Like you signed up for Instagram 

because somewhere out there are 

people just like you.



But they are alone, no one is doing a damn

thing to help them.


No one, you think is thinking like you do.

But the whole world is, sort of thinking the same way.


They cut peoples heads off, you see that with click.

You come from an Imperialistic power, a rich country

that cannot deliver healthcare...


I know, this all sounds wild, and from left field.


Almost as if it came from another planet

so far away.



But its not.


It is here. It is here, it is there, 

it is a communication 


Stop and think.

I really wish you would, 

just stop and think,

a bit more.


Songs travel, like melodies,

travel, as though they take a plane,

Lots of people board planes everyday.


And they travel places, or they all read 

the same news on their smart phones.

Sending text, out into the either.

that is linked to their smart phone,

you thought it would never be,

driving to work a few decades

before, same crowded overpass,

same left turn light, same people

coming from the other way, 

turning right.

Same metering light. 



Different news stories, Oh, we know 

about that here in the US.


And we know about the weather,

instantaneously, we can see the temperature.


It seems hotter than it appears on the phone,

or just colder, colder and more hollower 




It's true, yes, completely possible

what I say,

the way one experiences life.


Hold me over, send me to this guy 

who knows more about how to save 

this planet than I do,


Because that's all he thinks about

And he just wants to save some people

he loves in his own village,

And he says, thank you for helping

me in some way.



Back at you.

From another planet.

The same one as yours.


That is the only one,

There is not another



Not yet.

The Golden days,

have never happened

as yet.


We all know this all now.

The cat is out on the wild



And the wild winds

blow now into 

your ear, on speaker phone,


Just kidding, that's 

just someone trying to sell



I never could get this song by Warren Zevon

out of my head






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