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When I say, Iran

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Some place within me and all my logic

this imperialistic impression I sense

They put together the JPA, and to its

measure Iran staid true.


Trump's Administration, at the bequest of

the Republican' war hawks, never liked 

it much.


He cut it clean, and then sanctioned

their country. Put back into place

the economic squeeze, against

the agreement of all the other

nations who continued to keep

their bargain as best they could.


It bothers me quite a lot knowing

not much more than any other 

American who reads the news

and is old enough to understand


How this is is all about oil

and imperialism.


And it is a mess. 

Please tell the young folk to vote

come 2020, make their voices

heard, show up 

to vote for doing something 

about climate change

and for a better world

than what it has been.






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