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Dunder Mifflin and Biden

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Micheal just makes your skin crawl a lot of the time, 

he seems like an idiot, but you know he means well 

all the same.

In a lot of ways he seems like he would make a fun boss.

When was the last time you ran into a paper company executive, 

they just want to sell you paper, all kinds of paper, and well sure, 

it's a lot to take in since most people don't ever consider all the 

different types:

Bond, this paper is strong and durable, it is mostly made up of rag pulp,

it's perfectly made for letter heads, typed reports, and envelopes.


Gloss Coated paper, typically used for flyers and marketing brochures,

you can make a glossy corporate catalog out of it.


Matt Coated paper, the opposite of gloss, it's perfect for preventing gloss, 

which is also good for making flyers, and marketing brochures.


Recycled Paper, made from re-cycled paper which is perfect for those who 

are concerned with their paper footprint, and wish to conserve their environment,

namely trees. ( Oh, I remember as a boy, most houses were build with all hardwood floors, because

wood back then, was so cheap)


And then, sure there's Uncoated paper, 

and Watermarked paper,  


And of course different paper sizes,

from A0 to A10.


And from there you got paper weight descriptions, from 35 to 350 gsm, where gsm = grams per square meter.

And any good paper sales person would know this. Paper being their complete focus, they would be expert above and

beyond, any type of paper that suits your business need.


But Dunder Mifflin is a made up company. And Joe is kind of like Michael, in that he gives you a big unwanted warm hug.

is what, She said.


But she did not. And you work in a real office setting. 

And the copier never works, or there just are not enough copiers, or there is way too much paper being wasted

long after the company, as well as the whole Corporate US said they were going to go paperless, but they never really did.


So that's kind of how I feel about Biden.


But I like him. 


I really do. She did say.








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Imgreatagain, your member page says Republican. This is the Liberals Only forum. You're not allowed here by the rules.

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