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What are they, and who are they

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I know some really smart people who are conservatives at heart, at their core.

Mostly they are white, but there are sprinkles of every color, who believe to their very core,

in the US Constitution, the way it was written when it was written by rich land owning white European Settlers,

a long time ago. 

American Exceptionalism they'll shout, forgetting all about much of our history.

Rewriting history, kind of sounds like liberalism, if that is what you wish to do.

Taking the past and learning enough about it to create progress, is never easy, never was it.

Who knew, what leaders came from nothing, or what leaders who had it all who understood

enough about the people behind any country, the promise that was true, in the promised lands.


Well they'll say, the Norwegian countries are all socialist. They'll say New Zealand is filled with

a knee jerk sentimentality. 


What about any people, no matter the color of their skin, MLK Jr. suggested after it was televised

that they used fire hoses on young Black Americans who protested without taking up arms

Who are we?


Who are they?


Is it a war against the poor?

It is a war against race?


What language, what diaspora?


What conclave?


What slum?

What Indian reservation?


What economy, what economic picture and for what final resolve?


Tell me this, Ceasar, 

While you kill Jesus, 

or the idea, the spirit, 

the inkling,

The man made concept,

Any motivation to any thought

of any free citizen


Who hopes to become 

a virtuosic mentor

of the highest acclaim


just where does it start, 

just where did it start, 

just where will it ever go.


Why is liberal democracy crucially 



An informed public

One that can make informed



Defend your way, defend your

way to be free.


You got something to give.

Give it.


Jesus was a black man

who never thought much about

the color of any living person's skin.








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how much free land can you hold onto year after year to produce more than enough, how big can you become, the ceiling is limitless, as limitless as the Sea,

in America, with the help of slaves.

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We need cars, innovation in making roads, an infrastructure where free people can tool on down the line, we can mass produce, we can make the car affordable to all.

We just got to make the worker be able to afford the cars we make.


We can have cities, and in the distance, we can travel off to the country, on a whim. 

And we can have shopping malls, where all kinds of goods are sold. 

We can shape the future of consumerism. 

Get your shoes fixed, or buy new ones. 

Get your hair cut, your nails done, 

buy some new clothes, find a rake 

to help you fix up your own back yard,

buy a house, get a job making cars

in the factory, move to Detroit.


One world, the USA.

Made from Immigrants

In the name of God.



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So what is the history they teach in the US?

Am I expecting a second grade student in Iowa, to guess?

I guess, I know it depends on their parenthood, 

some sign of the time, slowly working its way,

to me like a marketing push or pull, 

a brand name or a generic, the old town firm holding 

down the fort, or maybe it becomes impossible, so they give it

up, and sell their goods through a distribution warehouse.

I was a wholesale herder who took my calf 

as far as she could possibly go on the open market

at McDonalds all over the globe and everywhere in between.





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