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Trump cuts scientific advisory panels

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Every administration has made efforts to gradually streamline government by judiciously paring back on unnecessary practices and personnel.   But Trump is going way beyond that by requiring advisory panels to to terminate (fire) at least 1/3 of personnel by Sept !   Up to now, these expert advisory panels have been crucial to the efficient functioning  of the larger, Federal agencies they advise. 


This is a self-defeating move that can only have a destructive effect on the Nation.  If Trump is not working for an enemy, he might as well be.


But since Trump is unconcerned with the problems these agencies deal with, he is quite happy to cause them to fail, as an excuse to eliminating them.  Agencies that deal with Pollution control, Climate Change, medical research, are unimportant, in the presidential view.


Another step Trump is taking to rob the Nation of its intellectual resources, is banning the participation of Chinese researchers in the US.  Further, he wants to limit visas to Chinese nationals.


The details are still under discussion and it is not known how many people could be affected, but restrictions would probably fall most heavily on graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and employees of technology companies in the United States on temporary visas. More than one million foreign students study in the United States each year, with roughly one-third coming from China.



While security should never be ignored, simply banning all Chinese with ability from participating in their various disciplines, in the US, is tantamount to cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.

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