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Trump accuses his former White House counsel of lying under oath

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Trump claims he never suggested firing special counsel Robert Mueller, despite his former White House counsel Don McGahn saying he did.


In the Mueller investigation, which Trump repeatedly described as a “witch-hunt”, McGahn testified under oath that the president repeatedly instructed him to have Mueller removed. Trump is now saying McGahn lied. 



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After Donald Trump accused his former White House counsel of lying under oath in a clip released this morning, political analysts noted the president is also trying to stop McGahn testifying before congressional committees investigating the findings of the Mueller report.


Those findings include McGahn’s testimony that the president instructed him to find a way to fire Mueller, repeatedly.



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the ONLY hate I have is for redneck republiKLANS and MORONS like you that helped put this POS in the WH and party in Power for Decades to come

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You've followed a man down a very dangerous path to a world view based on complete fabrications, self-interest, paranoia, and lies. 

You stood by as he called American Nazi’s and White Supremicists ‘very fine people’ after one of them rammed his car into a young woman, Heather Heyer, killing her. 

You followed and stood by as the President labeled any critical press ‘The Enemy of The People’ and you turn a blind eye when death threats are made, or bombs are mailed to politicians he demonizes.

You followed and supported him as
 he lied about payments to silence those with whom he had affairs as he sought to mislead the American people for the benefit of his campaign. 

You followed and supported him from time he said there were zero contacts & business dealings with Russians, to hundreds of pages detailing Trump orbit contacts with Russians and the truth emerging about the timeframe and nature of his Russian business dealings for Trump Tower Moscow slipping far beyond what anyone imagined. 

You followed him as he fired or removed any person doing the honorable thing and ensuring that the multitude of known ties and improper contacts between a hostile foreign government and an American Presidential campaign were properly investigated for the good of this country; you believed one of histories most verified liars when he made completely unsubstantiated allegations that he was wire tapped, or ‘spied’ on, and that there was some sort of ‘deep state’ conspiracy to take him down. 

You followed him as he makes bogus claims about the impetus of the Mueller report being based on the so called ‘Steele Dossier’ as an attempt to delegitimize the entire report, even though any truth seeking person can easily see that the investigations were opened long before The Dossier came to light.


You have followed him after he asked an FBI director for loyalty, and to look the other way when Mike Flynn’s egregious transgressions came to light, and you followed him when he removed the man leading investigations into him and as he bragged about it to laughing Russians in the White House.

You followed and stood by him as he demonized known Republicans who were part of Mueller’s team, and Robert Mueller himself (a Republican) as angry democrats...an outright lie.

You have followed him as he broke apart children from their families, many potentially who will never be reunited, in the name of ‘deterrence’ and eliminated DACA with the swipe of a pen thus crushing the hopes of those who came to this country as children at no fault of their own; you have said nothing. 

You followed him as he used his pardon power to thwart the rule of law and issue pardons to convicted felons justly tried and convicted in a court of law. Some even plead guilty to their crimes and all pardons had political benefit to this President. But you said nothing about this dangerous precedent. 

You have stood by and followed him as he heaped praise upon and cozied up to anti-democratic strongmen, even saying that he believed Vladimir Putin’s assertion that Russia did not interfere in our elections rather than accepting the intelligence gathered by brave men and women who risk their lives daily to keep our country safe and secure. 

You stood by and followed him as he vetoed the condemnation of support by BOTH houses of congress for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen in the wake of the brutal killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist who lived in the U.S. and was critical of Bin Salman and the Saudi regime. You said nothing when the President ignored intelligence on the killing and tried to create doubt as to who was responsible when there was none.

You stood by him when he took the unprecedented step of revoking the security clearances of Americans who have stood in the honorable service of our nations intelligence agencies, and who’s mentorship and perspectives can no longer be shared with current leaders.


You followed and stood by as security clearances were pushed through for family members and others after huge red flags were discovered and recommendations to deny said clearances were put forth in the Department of State.

You have said nothing about Trump’s use of a regular iphone to conduct business for the nation, or of Jared and Ivanka’s use of private email and easily infiltrated apps to conduct official business.

You have followed him and stood by as he continues to deny or protect us from what any objective American knows; that Russia and other outside actors wish to interfere in our sacred electoral process; the very fabric of our way of life. 

You have stood by as he and his party destroy environmental protections and refuse to accept or acknowledge scientific consensus. 

You have stood by and said nothing as he and his party plunge the country far deeper into debt while passing massive tax cuts for the top earners and large corporations.

You stood by why he made completely false claims that millions cast votes illegally in 2016, formed a commision to ‘investigate’ and then quietly dissolved the sham commission after not a shred of evidence was found.

You stood by him, a verified draft dodger, as he belittled a fighter pilot who was shot down over Vietnam while serving his country, and subsequently tortured for years even after the Vietnamese offered to let him go. 

You also stood by and said nothing when he mocked a disabled reporter, offered to pay the legal fees of those at his rallies who attacked anyone in opposition, and disparaged a Gold Star family. 

You have believed and defended all of his lies and attacks on good Americans who love their country. 

You have done so willfully, and displayed an unwillingness to gather the facts from reliable sources absent of tribal bias, and draw impartial conclusions in a search for truth. You have repeated the lies in his defense over and over again on social media and excused his every despicable action. 

You don’t realize that everything listed above....is what you actually stand for.

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