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"I Have A Plan For That"

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Earlier on in the Democratic primary, the consensus among the pundit class was that Elizabeth Warren is unelectable.   One CNN headline proclaimed "Democrats aren't looking for policy".   What a difference eight weeks make !  Now, Warren is surging in the polls. 


It appears the cognoscenti miscalculated as Democrats take increasing notice of Warren's principled stands, her rejection of corporate bribes and fundraisers and her bold, detailed plans.  And these plans address the immediate problems faced by ordinary Americans, without neglecting broader environmental and climate concerns.


For instance:


Last week, Warren unveiled a sweeping new plan for what she calls “economic patriotism.” Her proposal calls for $2 trillion investment in clean energy, which she says would create more than a million jobs and advance the goals of the Green New Deal. In a boost to workers, the plan would require federal contractors to pay a $15 minimum wage and offer 12 weeks of paid family leave. It would also convert the Commerce Department into a new Department of Economic Development, focused on job creation. By linking the causes of environmental and economic justice in one package, Warren is reimagining the American Dream for these times.



Warren is, without doubt, the front runner in the department of deeply thoughtful and ambitious ideas.  She has become the clear leader in the Democratic "ideas primary".













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