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Contrary To All Trump & His Mob's Crowing About The Economy, Trumponomics Has Been A Disaster

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The real recipe for economic growth is to invest in Americans ...  In their health, education, job training and infrastructure.  But Trumponomics has hurt ordinary Americans and lined the pockets of the wealthy and corporations.  Trump and his henchmen keep bragging about how well ordinary people are doing, economically.  Unfortunately many believe the hype and do not grasp the reality.



Here's What Trump promised compared to the harm that Trumponomics has actually brought about:


1 -  Trump promised to bring down America's trade deficit as soon as possible.  Instead, the trade deficit has hit an all time high.  The US is now purchasing more goods and services from the rest of the world, than we sell abroad, than at any time in history. 


2 -  In 2016, Trump promised to completely eliminate the federal debt in eight years.  Instead the federal debt has exploded, because of Trump and the GOP's 1.9 Trillion tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.  And now they are using the debt to threaten cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


3 -  He promised to boost wages including a $4000.00 pay raise for the average American family.  Meanwhile, income, adjusted for inflation, has been flat while corporate profits have soared making the rich far richer.  There has been no trickle-down. (When has there ever}.


4 -  The administration has said corporations would invest their savings from the tax cuts.  Instead, corporations spent more money in 2018, buying back more shares of their own stock than they invested in equipment or facilities.  These stock buybacks provide no benefit to the economy but boost executive bonuses and payouts for wealthy investors.


5 -   Trump promised a tax cut for middle class families.  Instead, most Americans will end up paying more in taxes by 2027.


6 -  He promised to keep jobs in America and crack down on companies that ship jobs abroad.  Instead, his tax law has provided incentive for corporations to expand their operations overseas.

Trump's trade wars have also encouraged companies, like Harley Davidson to move production abroad.


7 -  Trump promised to "drain the swamp" of Washington lobbyists.  Instead, he's actually put them in charge of health, safety and environmental protections ...  Which has endangered most Americans while increasing corporate profits even further.





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There are only four things wrong with Trump: he's wrongheaded, incompetent, corrupt and racist.


I told my wife that, and she said there's only one thing wrong with him: he was born. She thinks his mother should have had an abortion. I think that if it wasn't him in that position, there'd be a different mediocre person to incite the mob.


The 35% of his die-hard supporters, that dim quality of humanity that Hillary Clinton correctly called deplorables, that group is present in every nation. In every nation they seethe with race envy and glorification of violence. Everywhere they value resentment over fact. Everywhere they're used by mediocre people.


They are the mob, incited by the mediocre, united by a hatred of achievement to which they are not able to aspire.

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