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Dealing outside the margins that is televised media which is big

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So when would it suffice that more people read important news stories that affect their world? Would they need to be smart, Gig smart?


Take people in the so called Red States to a place where they can confront the real issues that confront them, but how is the question.

Today I was sitting at the California Capital, sitting in a really nice park they have there - me not Noam Chomsky. 

It is a progressive state, California is known to be. I hail from Michigan, but I went to college in California and I remember taking California History

which was a required class, and I remember reading about Hiram Johnson. But he was also responsible for some other notations that could 

not be construed as being anything fair minded regarding what was going on at the time concerning immigration policy. 



So anyway, I walked by a group of protesters who were supporting all life - at least that's what their banner read. They meant, they were against abortion rights. There today on L street, in front of the

Capital, with a large banner that I walked by with my dog.


I also took in the fact that the wind was blowing 10-15 mph at the time and that PG@E was starting its blackouts in certain regions that would soon take its toil for a 

lot of people when the summers heat grows quite hot. 


I smiled at them, the mostly silent protesters with their banner, only thinking that they were willing to stand up for what they believe. 

Who is talking to them, and how much do they think it will take to reduce unwanted pregnancy, and no, this is not an argument against what they want, 

but instead, it's about listening and talking. 


The reason I talk about it is because I was appreciative about their conviction to stand up for what they believe. It wasn't that hot yet, only 85 degrees, and with the winds that blew

you could feel reasonably comfortable in the shade, next to a monument with all the names of those who died or went missing in Vietnam, and next some other monuments, one being

of immigrants, and another of Hiram Johnson.


I guess we would only know about things if we went deeper into the vein that is journalism, which BTW is deep and rich, if we are only willing to look. If only something could inspire us

in some way.


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