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Did I say it was the Congress? It's that simple

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I know I have. We have how many Democrats running for the presidency in 2020? I lost count. 

When the election occurs we can only hope whomever wins the primary will have a message that brings enough liberal minded people to the polls to vote for a Democratic Senate, as well as a bigger margin in the house. And we need a mandate to do something big in regards to climate change and healthcare. 

Not all are smart, I mean just looking at these numbers afforded by Laripu would give anyone cause for concern:


"Some numbers below; since nothing about this is precise, I left out ranges, on purpose:

About 9% have an IQ less than 80, and most people would regard them as having a developmental disability.

Between IQ 80 and 105, that's about 54% of the population. I call them dull normals. This is what most people are like. Others pretend to be like them so they can fit in.

Between IQ 120 and 130, that's about 6.8% of the population.  Not smart enough to excel like those above 140, but not smart enough to know why either.  But certainly smart enough to lie to and bamboozle and use the dull normals. Think about DJT and his minions.

Between IQ 140 and 150, that's about 0.34% of the population.  Not geniuses.  May be excellent civil servants, nurses, engineers.  They can appreciate geniuses, usually.

Between IQ 150 and 160, that's about 0.04% of the population.  Not geniuses, but close.  They can appreciate geniuses."


That being said, I'm sure there's still ample plenty that could fill some of the spaces in our Congress that so surely requires their service. But then, again, just because you're smart doesn't mean you will do the smart thing. Mitch McConnell I'm sure is very smart. I wouldn't guess his IQ but I'm thinking it's up there. 


I think we need to simplify what we want. How about a Congress that enacts laws that support the people, all the people for starters. Most people have to work in order to have a decent chance at having a good life. Most people need a good education in order to get a good job. Most people need health insurance because most people will get sick or become injured at some time in their life.

Most people need a habitable planet in which to allow food to grow, in order to feed them and their babies. 


Who will be the next president? Hopefully not Donald Trump. That would be horrible. So let's make sure Donald Trump is not reelected, and let's also do our utmost best to make sure another one like him never ever comes along.


That's a good idea. I've got a lot more, simple.













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If enough people do try Vegan Weekend's out by trying to make delicious cheese out of nuts and vinegar along with roasted vegetables, will that change what food you'll buy?

I don't know. If enough people get fed up and ride their bikes to work, will that make a dent towards climate change? I don't know.

Will good teachers inspire more kids to go to college? If more kids go to college will that make a more responsible population that makes it their responsibility to make this a better country to live in for all?


I wished Ralph Nader would have run as a Democrat because I thought his ideas were great and I also felt as though he had the it factor, you know, he is a marvelous speaker and he motivates folks about how change could happen and how such change takes the average persons participation to become real. 


Bernie ran as a Democrat, and even though he was labeled as a Socialist by the media he still came darn close to winning the primary. Sadly, he lost, and also sad was the fact that it did cause some division within the party and this contributed to Hillary Clinton's loss. Two steps forward and three steps back, some might say. 


But Nader is right about so much. Bernie is right about so much. Elizabeth Warren is right about so much. 


I like cheese, so even though I'm a vegetarian I really never went all vegan. That was until a friend told me about Vegan Weekends and gave me a few recipes. Whoa, the macadamia nut cheese is so easy to make and it's fan-freaking-tastic, and it's so easy to make, so why not give it a try? 





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When I first graduated from college a long time ago, I thought I was so smart. And I was quick at math and quick regarding the use of a few tools that I had first become aware that I had.

In the real world at work, I kind of felt above the crowd. But things changed. I wasn't prepared for a lot of the new guidelines I had to learn that I felt squashed my horizons. 

In a way I wanted to get promoted quickly. It got to me quite a bit, that I had to wait, that graduate school was calling. 


Naive, I was naive. Being an executive was not for me at all. I was not the right sort, I did not have the right stuff, nor the ambition. But luckily some smart people took me under their wing and taught me - I'll call it now a continued learning approach that just fell into my lap, despite my own faults.


Give someone a chance, is another word. Some people rise above because they work hard, but also because their mission in life is not to personally succeed and achieve alone. 

The team player notation is the first thing they ask when you are a interviewee. Are you a team player? How would you even know, what the heck does that really mean?


If you were a team player, would that mean that someone will take you under their wing and show you the ropes because they see something important in your motives?

Just what are your motives? Are you a socialist? 


No I'm just a person who wants to work hard and learn how to adapt, and how to grow. The basic stuff you're already supposed to have learned in Kindergarten, I have always been told.



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