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The big, fat thumb of the DNC re-appears...

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The big, fat thumb of the DNC re-appears to tip the scale once again...... Are they making up the rules as they go along?


Presidential candidate Jay Inslee — who is running as a climate change candidate with a deeply developed plan to transform the nation's energy system and rapidly slash carbon emissions — had urged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to host a debate dedicated exclusively to climate change.


But Wednesday evening Inslee announced that his campaign received a call from the DNC "letting us know that they will not host a climate debate."


What's more, Inslee said the DNC told him that "if he participated in another climate debate, outside of the DNC, the candidate and current governor of Washington would not be invited to any of the highly anticipated and televised DNC debates".


Hmmm... which candidate(s) would have a difficult time debating their position on climate change, and which candidate(s) would benefit from such a debate?


Or.. which corporate overlord(s) have made their DNC donations contingent upon snuffing out debate on such an important issue?


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