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Here is a story I read the other day in the American Prospect about Federal Commissions that are designed to be led by a balance of both political parties.




So much for Congressional Oversight, so much for important news people should be apprised of. Trump is derisive and that is nothing new. He has also acted illegally as president and surely should be impeached, but, the fact is, so should most of the Senate on the Republican side. 


I remember, to wit, Reagan winning the presidency, and I was thinking about climate change back then. When Bush 1 took office I truly thought there would be more in the media about the amount of money spent in government subsidy supporting fossil fuels, not to mention the support of the Saudi Government in the ME.


Well, that's easy to say for a weak knee'd liberal like me who has no idea how this country was made, how it came into power.


Well, what about SS, and what about Medicare, and what about millions of people not having anything when they retire, and what about people in the US having no healthcare...

Well, what about kids graduating from college straddled with big time debt, controlled by privatized loan companies who have zero scruples  - Betsy DeVos? 


I mean really, honestly. 


Here's a good read written from Dean Baker - a fair-minded economist




You don't ever hear MSNBC or CNN talking about intellectual property, describing it in such a way.


You know, you didn't hear much about Bernie Sanders in 2016 until he had a following, and then, once he did, they labeled him a socialist - those supposedly left of center cable news outfits did.


I am serious, I wasn't born yesterday. 


I like this song I play while I hike

by the coast




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