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1 hour ago, Imgreatagain said:

You’ve over taken my thread 


What do you care...it died a long time ago and still is dead; except for some of the awesome cars I see. Codename Mackadamia can only hold so much !


BTW: Is this a stupid way to start a thread disguised as a tribute or is it me ?


On 5/3/2018 at 2:35 PM, slideman said:

A thread for all you racists. We'll start with


Than the ultraliberal gets cyber mad when I post racist stuff to it. That one to would have died a long time ago to BUT I kept bumping it...with equally stupid stuff. I've stopped for a while because chiseler is bumping it with video's...where as my post were filled with irony.


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Saw a nice '55, same color, go for about $42,000 on Barret-Jackson last night.

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1 hour ago, EltonJohnson said:

there is  no contest in terms of value.. the  convertible  Hemi 'Cuda is a  multi million dollar car.   I think they made 6.


(eg) Six with automatic trans, three with stick.


Was just reading about them after seeing the big car sale in Vegas. (I think it was)


BTW: What would you rather get shot in the head with at point blank range: A .44 or a .22 two times ?


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