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For those of you loosing your face (dems) over your “right” to kill babies in Alabama this evening, this is for you:

I’ve listened to about 100 people piss and moan about their “right to choose” being taken from them. Mind you- these were often senior citizens or males, non- fertile woman, and even a few adolescent gals bitching to bitch.

Mind you- none of these people live anywhere near alabama . 

The common denominator of the “woe is me” heard , is that they  want to complain. It doesn’t have to apply to them AT ALL. But any sense of being excluded , or not allowed to do as they wish and here comes the water works . 

While I may supply alcohol (bartender ) and it may be a lubricant to induce such rants, I stand behind the old saying

if it doesn’t apply- let it fly. 

MAYBE those in Alabama , pregnant , and in a tough jam may have a voice in this - anyone else 

drink your IPA and fuck off  



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