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Watching the ‘trump family business’ on CNN...

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It’s incredibly sad hearing the testimonies of those who signed up for trump ponzi schemes or trump (licensed) properties and lost thousands of dollars.  Some even their life savings.  


What’s more tragic is many of these people are smart, educated, astute, but also gullible at the same time.   


It blows my mind to this day that people can be massively successful in one area of life and completely oblivious in another.


One testimony was from a woman who worked in the tech industry for 30 yrs and got roped into one of his  ‘get rich quick’ schemes.   She lost a sizable portion of her retirement and had to go back to work and take on another job.  She’s worried her husband (who’s 70) won’t be able to retire.


It’s just sad and depressing.  Part of me feels for these people.  Another part thinks... how could you get swindled by by this guy?   And for a moment, you think, maybe they deserve what they get for their naivety.


Just really sad. 

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