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Illinois/Chicago....Strict Gun Laws

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1 minute ago, CrimeaRiver said:



In Chicago......97% black on black....  Must have a permit to own ANY GUN...even hunting rifles

Seems black folks are ignoring the law....

Image result for chicago murders numbers 2019

Yer not supposed to talk about a primarily blue zone in that way.


They already told us they care...what more do you want?   :rolleyes:

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A Note on Statistics

Today, we’re comparing Toronto to American and Canadian cities only. Not that we wouldn’t like to toss worldwide cities into the mix, of course, but there are some problems with doing so. No over-arching body (say, the United Nations) seems to have homicide data for individual cities (rather than whole countries) measured in any consistent way. Second, if we researched cities on an individual basis (say, picked twenty large European cities based on size), it is unlikely that each would measure homicides and homicide rates the same way as every other city or country did. (Would negligent manslaughter count in the numbers? Would non-negligent manslaughter? Infanticide? Will they provide rates, or just numbers? And if it’s just numbers, will they provide a population that the rate can be determined from?) Geography is an issue, too: as we’ve shown in the past two days, homicide rates change for Toronto depending on what you define “Toronto” as. At this point, thus, accurately comparing worldwide cities is unfortunately beyond the scope of this week’s project.
Fortunately, Statistics Canada and the FBI do make good statistical bedfellows; so far as we can see, their data measures cities in the same way for determining the same data. So: how does Toronto’s homicide rate compare to American cities’?
200807metrocideamericanhomiciderates.jpgExtraordinarily well; Toronto’s numbers absolutely pale in comparison to American cities. Its metropolitan homicide rate in 2006 was lower than every American city with a population above 500,000 (charted above). And of the seventy-two American cities with populations over 250,000, Toronto’s 2006 metropolitan homicide rate (1.8 per 100,000) was lower than every other city except for Plano, Texas—the wealthiest city in the United States—which had a homicide rate of 1.6 per 100,000.
200807metrocidecanadianhomiciderates_updated.jpghttps://torontoist.com/2008/07/metrocide_a_tale_of_sixty_cities/ notice in quebec city where there is long gun registration still the homicide rate? is ZERO 

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47 minutes ago, impartialobserver said:

Gun laws assume that the citizens know of them and care enough to follow them. 

It's also helpful if there isn't a place with very lenient gun laws a few miles away.


Chicago is going through a tough time.  People talk about how to fix it.  I think sometimes these things have to punch themselves out.  Eventually people just realize that they can't keep killing each other.  In 1990, Chicago was a pretty safe city.  Now it's a war zone.  In 1990, L.A. was a nightmare, but they got their sh!t together.


If you take a community that's largely stuck in crushing poverty, I think you're going to see this sort of thing happening sort of cyclically.  The answer is, as always, to stop imprisoning our population economically and breathe some life into the American Dream again.

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