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Anti-Zionist Jews....are they also Anti-Semites?

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There are 10s of 1000s of Jews who are anti-Zionist (as Zionism is termed and defined by todays Zionists).

MANY 1000s of Orth Jews believe the ZIONIST NEOCON JEWS have desecrated the teachings of the Old Test


But they don't get air time in Jewish MSM press....or US MSM, which also has a large Zionist ownership proportion.


To have a Jewish voice in US MSM.......one MUST be a LOCKSTEP ZIONIST NEOCON.


These are the same folks who penned THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY.....

just before 911...they wrote...." WE NEED A NEW PEARL HARBOR"



They are:  Bill Kristol (R), Robert Kagan (D), Paul Wolfowitz (R), Elliot Abrams, Elliot Cohen,  etc.....you know the SWAMP CABAL





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