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Firefighters talk about saving window washers from terrifying ride

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It's always windy in OKC.  OKC has a higher average wind speed than the "windy city"  known as Chicago. 


That's an e-ticket ride. 👍


Emergency crews rescued two window washers trapped on a lift in downtown Oklahoma City Wednesday.


Crews responded to the Devon Tower around 7:45 a.m. 


Two people were on the lift when it became loose and started swinging out of control.


First responders rushed to the scene.


"Well, we got it lowered enough where we could get ropes thrown to them," said Lt. Kevin Neidel, Oklahoma City Fire Department.


"As we threw ropes to them, they were able to each grab the ropes and secure the basket on their end  while we anchored it to the building," said Major Derrick Kiel, Oklahoma City Fire Department.


Authorities aren't for sure what caused the platform to break loose, but firefighters say wind likely played a role.


The lift did hit part of the building, breaking glass.

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