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FAILED State of Alabama: Where Deviant RWNJ Conservative Christian Lemmings Fall Off

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The 3rd-World State of Alabama. The one place in America where the Middle East's worst RIGHT-Wing Religious Conservative Islamist ISIS Members would feel right at home and blend right in without a hiccup, and frolic among their like-minded, fellow RWNJ Christian women-haters, INCELS, and sexually-deviant misanthropes.


What's not to like about Alabama, if you're an avid proponent of permitting male family members to copulate and commit incest with weaker female family members for the glorious baby that results?


Genesis. Chapters One - Five. The Holy Bible tells us that Eve had to sleep with her own two sons, Cain and Abel, to keep the species expanding.

That's where all of ours sad, lost, science-denying RIGHT-Wing Conservative Christian's unabated love of incestuous fornication through inter-family breeding was first conceived.  

And when Eve got a little TOO long in the fig leaf to produce any more of Cain's and Abel's daughters/sisters or sons/brothers....well, Cain and Abel just HAD to copulate with their own younger sisters to expand the flock.

Without rampant, deviant, repetitive incest in the Garden of Eden.....Christianity fails in the first Book of Genesis.




FACT: It's not just the sad fact that Alabama, under Conservative leadership, ranks dead LAST in everything good happening in America. It's not the sad fact that Alabama, under RED State Conservative stewardship ranks in the top 5 for Teen Pregnancy, STD Transmissions, and HIV/AIDs Infections.

It's the FACT that Alabama has devolved into the last American refuge for our weakest, most-vile, White Conservative Christian male maggots in America.


Alabama. Where snake-handlers and tongues-blatherers can gesticulate, roll their eyes back into their heads, and froth at the mouth with an attentive crowd, and then merrily pass the Collection Plate around to keep the crowd contributing. 


Alabama. Where 30-something pedophiles are free to stalk the local Shopping Mall to predate on and snatch the easiest, most-gullible, 14 year-old R@pe Shack victims.


Alabama. For America's current, reeking, overflown sewer full of despicable, White Right-Wing Conservative Male Christians, this is the place where the maggots 100% responsible for 250 years of Slavery and the ethnic genocide of Native Americans all scuttled-off to lick their post Civil War wounds.


Alabama. Where a God-fearin' RIGHT-Wing Conservative man can spirit-away his hostage wife and kids off for a little Jesus-kissed son and daughter pussy-grabbing action, safely AWAY from the prying eyes of secular Law Enforcement, on a Summer Vacation Creation Museum spiritual retreat.

Cuz' everyone knows a RED State hotel room is just the best place to indulge in a little Cult-expanding "quality family time."


Welcome to Alabama! Where pedophiles and rapists don't go to jail...they go to the Maternity Ward.








Pro Mall-stalking adult male underage girl predators.

The State where pedophile rapists are rewarded with a baby.

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ALABAMA is the rectum of America! Bar none!


Filled with Redneck Goobers and Gomers and Jethros!

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