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Question for the BOARD... When the Democrat and Deep State involvement in the Trump Collusion FARCE becomes clear, and DOZENS of Deep State, Democrat, and Media bad actors are indicted.. and begin to go to jail.. WHAT % of Dems will turn Independent ?

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48 minutes ago, ConservativeWAVE said:


WE will point them out WHEN they happen... ONE Obama loyalist has ALREADY been indicted for "Conspiring" with Ukraine !!


The FIRST of MANY !!

Until all these indictments start rolling out, why don't you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up?  how'd that be?

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4 hours ago, CrimeaRiver said:

Did you see Robinet got a new pup....Belgium Shepherd.  Ole Scout died of cancer.


RIP Scout

Image result for joe robinet new puppy

yeah I seen that......that is the sh itty thing about dogs......they dont live very long.

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3 hours ago, maineman said:

Like I said.... I am skeptical.  I'll believe these raft of indictments when I see them.

I dont blame ya after all the lies about the Russian collusion conspiracy the media and politicians pushed on us...….I have no faith in our government that any thing will come of this....

they love shooting us....taxing us and basically telling us to fu ck off....they benefit nothing by bringing the seditious players to justice....we saw that with Hillary.....they will more likely than not tell us to fu ck off....

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