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"In a brazen act off aggression"

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Funny.  That's about how the spin sounds sometimes. 

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Very funny. Trump is an idiot who employs who, John Bolton. The Saudi's and BB, all move in to take over the world. 

They tear up the Iran nuclear treaty and then they bomb innocent civilians in Yemen, and then we support them.

We support them, those people. 

Oil, we support oil. We boosted Saddam in Iraq, even after he gassed the Kurdish. 

I remember the Iraq Iran war that started when I was in junior high school. Funny, Ha Ha...

..., Saudi's were behind it - and we supported the Saudi's...(Shah was gone)...

I am going on memory alone here...And it took a great man (Frederic Douglas)... to end that... 



But you got to lay low, and hope for the best sometimes...(or so I have read)


The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump PDF eBook

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