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Nobody does what they say they will do

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Nobody has their ideas tied to the yoke

Somebody has to bend, a leader has to say,

You gotta say, somebody has got to bend 

somehow, in someway. 


Otherwise nobody does what they say they will do. 

How could they. How could they.

How could they.


Say that they could do something when if they were

being truly honest they knew


that they could not.


And that seems to be a good excuse

And that seems to be conditionally 

a genuinely accepted premise


For a long long time now, it seems as though

there are no Giants, no Super Heroes


Even though most people wish 

there could be just a simple example

of someone who tried

to be true


If they did, And if they did,


How, and Why, 

How, and Why?


Good questions. How, and why?


Since you got a heart so big.

To rebuild Notre Dame.

It's vital that you do.

Nobody ever said anything about the trees in the 

rain forest being cut down with the same


Somehow that got marginalized.


Not too many people in power make it clear

what it means to have no healthcare and 

lose your house because you cannot pay the



I'm sorry, they just don't.









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