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Korea: The Never-Ending War

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I watched this documentary on the Korean war and I would advise everyone to see it. Holy cow, the Korean people have gone through so much. The US did not help. First, just after the second world war they helped to usher out the Japanese who conducted big time criminal war acts. All of the Korean people greeted the US soldiers with open arms. And then the US left. Anyway, after the war there were just two Super Powers. 

Truman wanted to go back to the way the US was before the war. He wanted to vastly reduce the US military and did. We only took control of the factories to fight against the fascist and the Nazi and the Japanese - we needed to for survival. That war was over and so Truman wanted to dismantle the military - rightfully. 

Somehow a few diplomats met with the Russians and split Korea into two by pulling out a map. Nobody knew about the people who lived in Korea, it's history, nothing. 

Anyway, watch this film. It was something I really didn't know too much about. A real eye opener for me. 





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